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Livin' Large For Less

Who We Are

A Company Created For Students By Students

At the very basic level, Ballin' on a Budget (or BOAB) is a student travel company. The name itself, however, was carefully chosen to guide our facilitation for awesome memories (or the process that leads to the lack there of). BOAB refers to that moment when you’re surrounded by friends, some new and some old, chanting your school fight song with a beverage in hand making the decision that today, it’s about to go down.

College is Expensive

Which is why we try not to be. BOAB strives to provide everyone with exciting, low cost options that won't leave you asking your parents for rent money to cover your last few months of school. Being a poor college student shouldn't prevent you from experiencing spring break.

Meeting New People Is A Blast

And that's a major reason why we started BOAB. Getting back from your trip and running into fellow trip-goers is one of the best parts about going on spring break. There are generally well over 10,000 undergraduates at your university, and our trips give you the opportunity to meet more of them like you.

Two Words: Welcome Week

Spring break is a chance to relive that. When you arrive at the hotel it sinks in that you really have zero obligations for the next week or so. Total Freedom. No class. No practice. No homework. Just fun with your friends.

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